Mission Statement

  Al Mansouri 3B LLC, from the very beginning, has always chosen a path that inspires trust and growth. As we grew, this cardinal principal was at the heart of every new business venture. As the need for specialization came up, AL Mansouri 3B spawned expansion and asset management plan. Our strategy is to create a worldwide network that will build on the strength of the individual companies within Group.  

 1)To be a responsive institution committed to building lasting customer relationships.

 2)To build trust through excellence performance in every field of organizational growth.

 3)To contribute to strengthening economic development.

 4)To ensure every possible means of prosperity for each member of AL Mansouri 3B Group.

Why Us?

Well we have all kinds of Building Projects Contracting,Special Grade Steel Construction Contracting ,First Grade Sub-Sewage Networks Connections and Homes Connections Contracting ,Fifth Grade Installing and Repairing Cooling System and Air Conditioning Contracting Works, Fifth Grade On-Shore and Off-Shore Oil and Gas Fields Services, Power Transmitting and Distribution Networks Contracting Work Fourth Grade Sub-Water Networks Contracting Works Fifth Grade General Maintenance For Buildings, Communications Networks Contracting Works Fifth Grade Electromechanical Works Projects Contracting Fourth Grade.

Bussiness Areas of Al Mansouri 3B L.L.C

  • Big & Wide Projects ( Horizontal Expansion Projects )
  • Steel Structure Industrial Projects
  • Marine Projects ( Under & Over the Sea )
  • Beach Resort, Cantilever Decks & Bridge over the Sea Surface