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AL MANSOURI 3B aims to become a global group with trusted for quality and assurance in the every business sector, signing under the prestigious projects for tomorrow’s world of business, harmonizing innovative and progressive technology with its experience, excellence and high-caliber work. Assurance is the foundation of every business. The sparkling of the Group is the result of our vision focused on uncompromising quality and excellence.


filler image Al Mansouri 3B LLC, from the very beginning, has always chosen a path that inspires trust and growth. As we grew, this cardinal principal was at the heart of every new business venture. As the need for specialization came up, AL Mansouri 3B spawned expansion and asset management plan. Our strategy is to create a worldwide network that will build on the strength of the individual companies within Group.  



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Greetings and welcome to AL Mansouri 3B L.L.C. We are proud of the many great projects we have built in our 31-plus years history. Our experience includes projects in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and surrounding emirates states. We have extensive expertise with all type of construction facilities, Commercial Investments, Joinery furniture and an impressive resume of work in marine and general construction field. Please enjoy your trip around the world of AL Mansouri 3B. We look forward to have an opportunity to serve your needs in the near future.


Al Mansouri 3B L.L.C

responsive screens Al Mansouri 3B LLC is one of the leading construction companies in Abu Dhabi & Other Arab Emirates (UAE). We are specialized  in most types of Constructions, Steel Structure, Electromechanical, Marine works, Carpentry & Joinery and complete turnkey projects.  Al Mansouri 3B L.L.C was established in the year 1981 and developed the organization into multi disciplinary business in three construction directions as follow:

High Rise Towers  /  Big & Wide Projects /  Marine Projects

 To date Al Mansouri 3B L.L.C has successfully completed a large diverse number of construction projects with proper sequencing and design challenges. This has given the company a level of experience and confidence which enables us to continually undertake and successfully complete the most challenging projects in the construction industry. Our design input into every project we undertake, is an integral part of our operational approach. This ensures that the client benefits due to increased construction speed and efficiency while controlling cost.

  The success of our organization is due to our highly qualified and well experienced professionals from different countries by using advanced construction technology. We are operating branches in AL-Ain and Dubai Cities, Our management adopted & establish in company advance Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008, Environment Management System ISO 14001:2004 , OHSAS 18001:2007 standards to  organize the company in right direction of success. Our operational team is highly qualify & expert in advanced engineering technology. Range of our projects includes general & marine construction with allied facilities.

Bussiness Areas of Al Mansouri 3B L.L.C

  • Big & Wide Projects ( Horizontal Expansion Projects )
  • Steel Structure Industrial Projects
  • Marine Projects ( Under & Over the Sea )
  • Beach Resort, Cantilever Decks & Bridge over the Sea Surface