National Talent Program


M3B will undergo for launching the National Talent Program (NTP), aiming to contribute to the development of intellectual, practical, creative and leadership skills of selected, talented UAE employees through career-oriented and aspiration-tailored developmental mechanism. The program will guide the employees through a structured Individual Development Plan (IDP) of which mentoring and coaching are core components.

The purpose of this program (NTP) will be to:

  • Provide the internship programs to UAE students in the field of their study.
  • Train the fresh graduates on best practices in a discipline of their choice in line with their career aspirations.
  • Offer Training Phase and Career Phase opportunities in a professional domain within the departments of M3B with continued learning and growth prospects.

Individual Development Plans (IDP)

M3B will establish the IDP to provide the opportunity for our UAE Nationals to track and monitor their development and follow up on their career gaps and opportunities for progression within our organization.

Human Resources - Training and Career Development

Training and Career Development Function will commit to provide mentoring, coaching and guidance to all UAE nationals on various positions, under development (trainee) and study leavers.

Furthermore the Training & Career Development team will extend its support by continuously promoting a learning and development culture within M3B to keep up with the company’s goals and objectives.