AL MANSOURI 3B GROUP’s objective towards the Emiratisation is to provide equal opportunities to the UAE citizens to ensure they play a significant role in the long term economic self-sufficiency and growth of the country. The economic paradigm that has been largely dependent on natural resources is slowly but surely shifting in the new millennium to a knowledge–driven society, fuelled by knowledge creation and dissemination.

A AL MANSOURI 3B GROUP initiative in regards to Emiratisation is committing to comply with the local laws and regulations relating to Emiratisation targets and the minimum Levels.

AL MANSOURI 3B GROUP has taken Emiratisation as part Corporate Social Responsibility. Our aim is to augment the number of Emiratis within the departments, functions we operate.  It is our mandate to develop and retain the UAE National work force, and this will be achieved by pro-active selection and recruitment, development, retention and career prospects enhancement. Again, Emiratisation is a key initiative across all the departments.

Our approach is to start advertising, circulate at the universities, post and update all vacant positions on our website.

We define the Nationalization as a process, which includes the following aspects: definition towards the Emiratisation:

  • Recruitment of Nationals
  • Replacement of expatriates by competent, trained and qualified Nationals
  • Placement of Nationals in vacancies internally
  • Training and development of Nationals
  • Retraining of experienced Nationals

As the Nationalization Plan can be implemented only in a phased manner, it will be the joint responsibility of both the HR Manager and the concerned HOD to ensure that the targets are achieved through quality recruitment and training.